welcome to aktivitetsteamet "the activityteam".

We have supplied companies and teams with activities since 2000.

Our philosophy is that we, in a personal and professional way, will make you have fun, challenge you and make you develop as team and induvidials. We work all around the globe, always with the determination to give you a memory and experiences that will strengthen you. In all of our activities there are moments, however small they might seem, of great significance. The girl who just scored her first hit at the clay pigeon, the look on the face of a person who just walked over a bed of burning charcoal, the scent of the food and fire that we cooked together in the tipee, the mindfulness and determination to succeed in a team who just summoned a team exercise that didn´t end just as they expected, the team of executives hugging like a football team after catching the mouse in the "mousetrap", that nice little ache in the muscles after having crossed that open space of sea in a kayak.

Add to this that we preferably arrange our activities in an environment where the landscape and nature is the setting for both relaxation and adventure. The fact that we get to experience all of this together with our clients makes it easy for us to state, that we love our job. And we hope that you will give us the trust to create an event for you, based on our passion and experience.

Yours sincerely
Pär, Andreas, Tom and Magnus

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